The Walking Bug!

Have you caught it yet?

It’s free, it’s easy and it changes lives – a brisk walk of 20 minutes each day can significantly improve your health and extend your life.

What do you do if you come across a mind blowing statement like this? Well, after we had recovered from the possibility that thousands of people could benefit from it, we decided that we have to tell as many people as possible. So we’ve created this blog.

Fit a 20 minute walk into your daily routine and see for yourself. No boots. No special clothing. Just walk, briskly, and see what a difference you can make, too.

The benefits of brisk walking

These include reducing your cancer risk, helping to lower blood pressure, reducing the effects of or avoiding diabetes, cutting the risk of a stroke by 8%, remaining agile for longer, reducing the effects of or avoiding Alzheimer’s, reducing or reversing brain shrinkage, improving your general fitness, reducing anxiety and tension, reducing harmful fluid in the legs and helping avoid varicose veins. (There are more).

A growing number of people measure their activity levels, often setting themselves targets such as ten thousand steps a day. Certainly, avoiding a sedentary life is important for good health, but the quality of exercise is also very important.

Twenty minutes

The exciting thing is that all the benefits mentioned above are the findings of research into the effects of just 20 minutes a day of moderate exercise. Walking at a brisk pace is an excellent example of moderate exercise.

Making it brisk

Everyone has their own brisk pace. You should be aware that you are breathing more deeply than usual and your pulse rate should be quicker, too. You may feel warmer and even a little sweaty.
An easy guide is  you should be able to talk but not sing as you walk.

How to get started

The simplest way to start is by using our ten minutes out, ten minutes back system from your front door. It’s a system which many people will be able to fit into their day. If you can complete your twenty minutes at a pace which is brisk for you then you can catch the walking bug and make a difference to your life, too.
It’s as simple as that. Enjoy your walking.

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