Wet Walking

It’s a grey, damp day typical of the days in October. But this is a Friday in June. It doesn’t really tempt anyone to go out and walk. But if you’re serious about getting out, maybe to do your daily 20 minutes, you can do a few things to make your effort a bit a more pleasant.

It’s not often that it rains all day so keep an eye on the weather and be ready to go if there is a dry spell.

Before you go out in the rain, consider where you are going to walk. Choose somewhere with a good surface such as a pavement. Pavements next to roads where the traffic moves slowly may avoid getting splashes as vehicles pass.      Notice which way the wind is blowing and see if you can find a route where you will have some shelter.

Choose your clothing and footwear with the route in mind. Even if you are doing a 20 minute brisk walk, make sure you are well prepared. We often use umbrellas whilst waking but they can be nuisance if it’s windy.

The rain seems to have stopped, right on cue, and we have a five mile route to find for an event in a couple of days. We’re using layered outfits with lightweight waterproof jackets, but are taking telescopic brollies tooThere is some really good kit available for walking in all weathers, but it depends on how often you are likely to use it.                         We plan to blog about kit in the near future but you probably don’t need it for 20 minute walks.

Maybe we’ll blog about fish and chips too.

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