No boots needed.

Boot out the boot, for 20 minute walks at least. Boots or shoes?  This might be obvious, but you need to choose the best footwear for the surface you’re going to walk on. If you are doing a twenty- minute brisk walk, hopefully, you will have chosen a good surface so you shouldn’t need boots.   … [Read more…]

A tale of two bugs.

A tale of two bugs. As Aesop may possibly have told it. This is the story of twin bugs, a story which could be repeated in many species but these two happen to be bugs. To protect their integrity, we we’ll call them Walking Bug and Sitting Bug. Being Identical twins they shared the same … [Read more…]

Why many people don’t exercise.

These figures appeared in a recent issue of Woman’s Weekly magazine.  Introductory note:  Life expectancy can rise by more than 3 years if sedentary people increase their daily exercise to just over 20 minutes a day. 31 % of people say that they don’t exercise because they don’t have the time. 21% say it’s too … [Read more…]

A Longer Active Life.

  News in the papers today that though people, on average, are living longer, many are not remaining active. They are spending longer being infirm. The guidelines for a healthy life stay the same whatever the person’s age. Evidence to support this has been published recently in America where, in a project based at Yale … [Read more…]

Live to be 100?

  We have just returned from a 100th birthday party, which we helped to organise for a great aunt. It brought to mind a story about Dr Frank Booth, one of the scientists whose work we follow. Dr Booth produced a questionnaire with only one question on it. ‘Would you like to celebrate your 100th … [Read more…]

How fast is brisk walking?

‘Many people do lots of walking but don’t gain many benefits… because they don’t walk briskly enough’ Dr. Frank Booth.   How fast is brisk walking? As it’s different for everyone, you have to decide what is brisk for you. It’s been described as walking as though you are late for an important appointment, so … [Read more…]

Meet My Team

I think it’s about time that I introduced my helpers. I, obviously, need some help with the blog and a few other things to keep the info flowing. Chis and Roger are retired teachers and have been, walking, all over Europe in events large and small and have been involved in planning, organising and leading … [Read more…]

Virtual walks

Virtual walks are not a new computer age idea but have existed for centuries. You still have to do actual walks but you simply imagine you are somewhere else. They may encourage you to go out and do your twenty minutes on occasions when you’re not sure you want to make the effort. First, a … [Read more…]

The Walk of the World.

During the last week over 40000, that’s forty thousand, walkers have been taking part in the 100th edition of the  4Days of Nijmegen. On Tuesday morning the 40 000 walkers set out in waves to walk the first day on circular routes in and around the ancient Dutch City. They walk distances from 20 to 50   … [Read more…]

Wet Walking

It’s a grey, damp day typical of the days in October. But this is a Friday in June. It doesn’t really tempt anyone to go out and walk. But if you’re serious about getting out, maybe to do your daily 20 minutes, you can do a few things to make your effort a bit a more … [Read more…]