Live to be 100?


We have just returned from a 100th birthday party, which we helped to organise for a great aunt. It brought to mind a story about Dr Frank Booth, one of the scientists whose work we follow.

Dr Booth produced a questionnaire with only one question on it. ‘Would you like to celebrate your 100th birthday?’

Many people indicated that they would, so Dr Booth produced a prescription to help them.

Meet the current guidelines if 150 minutes per week of moderate exercise. (Brisk walking is a moderate exercise, as we may have mentioned before.)
Do at least a couple of sessions of exercises with light weights a week.

This doesn’t allow for accidents, disease which exercise can’t help avoid or self-inflicted problems caused by smoking, overeating or similar.
There was lots of tempting and delicious food available at the party, so now we have to be careful to try to compensate.

100thBdayCakeThe too tempting birthday cake.
Available with your name when you are ready.










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