No boots needed.


Boot out the boot, for 20 minute walks at least.


Boots or shoes?  This might be obvious, but you need to choose the best footwear for the surface you’re going to walk on. If you are doing a twenty- minute brisk walk, hopefully, you will have chosen a good surface so you shouldn’t need boots.



Any shoes which feel comfortable will be fine but you might like to consider some trainer type shoes. They tend to have some cushioning in the soles and support around the heels.                                                     Look for flexible shoes. They will allow you to make best use of your feet                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        If  you put your foot down heel first you can then roll your foot onto  your toes, then push off on your toes.

Try not to put your foot down flat or you’ll start to plod which is slower and harder work.

Humans developed as the efficient walkers on the planet without the need for boots. Though boots can be useful in some situations, like rocky paths or maybe steep slopes.                                                        






















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