Why many people don’t exercise.

These figures appeared in a recent issue of Woman’s Weekly magazine.

 Introductory note:  Life expectancy can rise by more than 3 years if sedentary people increase their daily exercise to just over 20 minutes a day.

31 % of people say that they don’t exercise because they don’t have the time.

21% say it’s too expensive.

19% say they don’t enjoy it.

(Source Vitality.)

That sums up the present situation pretty well.

So, how about this for a deal?

Can you find 20 minutes a day to exercise from your front door?

It’s not going to cost you much. If anything. That’s a bonus.

There’s loads of benefits available from 20 minute walks and other walks too.

You might even enjoy it. (This bit is optional.)

But, if you’re going to keep it up, you’ve got to want to do it.

Surely, for an extra three years or more of active life plus lots of other health benefits, it’s worth thinking about.


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